The shipments are, thereafter, dispatched to their various consignees.

This can be either at a specific facility designated for the purpose, or at a more general port area where multiple vessels may be docked. If any importer from Mumbai, India imports goods from China to India, he will ask the shipping line or freight forwarder to mention the port of.

The shipments are, thereafter, dispatched to their various consignees.

In a customary manner at the port.

In addition, it is a customary practice to survey the hatches before breaking the bulk to see if any leaks have occurred in the hatches due to ingress of water or whether the hatches have been watertight during the voyage. Copy. Port of Discharge means any port at which the Goods are discharged from any vessel (which may be either a feeder vessel or an ocean vessel and is not necessarily the vessel named overleaf) for Carriage under this Bill of Lading.

A Port of Discharge is the location where a vessel offloads its cargo.

Translation of "port of discharge" into Spanish. The local charges of a terminal directly affect the THCs,. .

POD is also known as Port of Unloading (POU). The port of discharge — sometimes called the port of unloading — is the port where the container or cargo is discharged by a shipper (i.

Jan 27, 2018 · Port of discharge can be defined as a port, where a vessel will unload its cargo, from where the cargo will be dispatched further to their final consignees.


Port of discharge can be a destination sea port, where in Place of delivery be at. The Peak Season differs from port to port, country to country and region to region.

The shipments are, thereafter, dispatched to their various consignees. .

Port of discharge ETA Trans-shipment ports if any Container number and description Details of the trucker Date of booking.


These include terminal handling charges and good dues among others.

Port of Discharge means the port named in S10. Sample 1. The term Port of Discharge means, the Port in which the goods are discharged.

. org. Dec 23, 2019 · When the vessel arrives in port and ready to discharge, an independent survey is arranged to take note of these facts. . Jan 26, 2022 · There is no standard or uniform peak season for ports globally. .


net/blog/en/port-of-discharge-and-port-of-load/#What Are Pol and Pod in Shipping?" h="ID=SERP,5839. Ships may even go ahead and skip ports altogether; meaning containers will unload at a different port and be railed to the original port of discharge by the Ocean and rail carriers.

Sometimes, the ports have even been closing some days to focus on the unloading part.


Dec 1, 2022 · While some port charges like demurrage and detention can be avoided, other charges are fixed.


Example: A vessel leaving from New York will have an estimated time of when it is supped to leave the dock.