In Japanese, the word shonen/shounen is gender-nonspecific but,.


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A Japanese self defense force ship.

Harutoshi Fukui/Ark Performance Author : Harutoshi Fukui, from a story by Ryo Hanmura Artist: Ark Performance Publisher: CMX Manga Visit CMX.

I have quite a few of the manga that fit this description on my list already so I will include my list as a reference for. . Good modern war.

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See all manga tags. Zero. Historical manga is at its best when it explores and plays with genre and theme.

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The word shonen/shounen/少年 literally translates to ‘youth’, with the character 少 meaning small/few and 年 meaning year.

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In these manga, two or more factions are in the midst of an adversarial conflict. Loved the military presence, already a Gundam fan, but gundam stories are bit too biased and propaganda based.

If warfare, politics, and military life fascinate you, use this list to guide you to your next great read. Dragon Ball by Akira Toriyama.

Dragons, sabretooth, war everywhere, and they never tell us more than just a glimpse.
Which story made.
4 The Berserker Rises To Greatness Inserts A Hero Who Cares More About Fighting Than Saving The Day.

They have been reincarnated or transmigrated into another world where they use their past memories for a specific advantage, such as a trade or occupation, or for an important objective.

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class=" fc-falcon">I'm looking for some more modern war manga. For post-apocalyptic drama of a different kind, Akira is set in a modern-day Japan not long after a mysterious explosion has decimated the once-thriving metropolis. 1. Two hearts. Magazine. .


Good modern war. See all manga tags.

Humanity is on the.

A modern-day engineer is transmigrated to a differ.


Characters in these manga possess modern-day knowledge that doesn't exist in the place they've found themselves in.

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