This requires the finest materials and processing.

The CRF300L Rally is also available with anti-lock brakes.

. With limited travel, adding a stiffer spring in the right leg only per the stock design was not a viable option.

Leave the bolt in there for now.

Jan 20, 2022 · My brother in law purchased a 2022 CRF300L and is planning to put the Race Tech spring kit on the bike soon, but needs to address the rear end as well.

. . The CRF300L is a dual-purpose motorcycle with a single mission: to deliver the best ride experience wherever you take it.

0N / 1 required per bike.

Looking to upgrade the front AND rear suspension on your 2021+ Honda CRF300L or CRF300L Rally? Look no further than Race Tech. . comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment Esyferd • Additional comment actions.

This custom shock is a direct replacement for the stock shock. .

From technical single-track, to multi-lane traffic, the.


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. In other words; our springs are light weight for their particular spring rate.

It features 21-/18-inch wire-spoke wheels along with Showa long-travel upside down fork and Showa monoshock with 260mm travel at both ends and off-road-friendly ergos.


S. Price : $129. The first step to great handling and suspension.

To be notified when this item is available for purchase again, email us at. This increases the total spring rate. . . The first step to great handling and suspension.

The shims can seem intimidating but it's not that hard as you'll see.

Take your CRF300L Rally's suspension performance to the next level with CRF's Only Pro Suspension Kit. .


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